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The group is supported by representatives from the Department for Education ( and the Directorate’s Policy Officer.

The working group and its two sub-committees, for Strategy and School Improvement respectively, meet at least three times a year to advise government and to develop, through an action plan, strategies which can help schools in England to provide more effectively for the children of service personnel on their rolls.

This is resulting in an increase in the movement of military personnel and their families, in terms of both the relocation of whole units from Germany to a variety of locations in the UK and of the relocation of individual service families as the results of either voluntary or compulsory redundancies.

In the cases of whole unit moves, it is essential that the military units involved, local authorities and schools plan effectively together to ensure that there is sufficient school capacity in the areas affected by the moves and that the transitions of children as a result of these moves take place as smoothly as possible.

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This means that when the serving member of the family moves home because of his/her job, the spouse and any children move too.

(within the English National Curriculum framework) and other schools overseas, as well as in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

It is intended to be interactive in the sense that it can be amended to incorporate suggestions to improve the handbook, examples of good practice from users and used to facilitate communication between schools and local authorities with similar needs. Although ’s resource is primarily for its own schools which operate within a framework modelled very closely on the English system, the children on roll there come from and return to schools all over the UK but, in the main, England. Feedback is always helpful, so please do not hesitate to contact us through to let us know your views about the resource.

Children of service personnel will join your school bringing with them a wide range of strengths and needs but, in many cases, they will also have a variety of educational and personal experiences to provide you and their fellow pupils with an exciting and different dynamic.

Education is a devolved matter in these last three administrations and one of the challenges for children of service personnel, their parents and the schools and local authorities that serve them is these children’s movements between these administrations.

In addition to facilitating and supporting handbook is intended to be a supportive resource, written largely by practitioners in schools for their peers.

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